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News: The Barbarian Centennial and England's oldest international player

Article Date(s):08/07/2020

Therefore, if you have always wanted to learn about the games we like, but don't know who to ask, or you think you can embarrass our experts-please participate by sending us questions.

In this edition, John answers questions about the rugby jerseys nz Super Rugby Cap, the Barbarian Centennial and England's oldest international game.

Super 14

Who made the most appearances in the Super 12/14 game? London Graham

Before the opening of this season’s Super 14 in February, the leading champions are as follows:

George Grigan 136 (1996-2007, Brumby)

Caleb Ralph 135 (1997, Chief [3]; 1998, Bruce [6]; 1999-2008, Crusaders [126]

Ruben Thorne 129 (1997-2008, Crusaders)

Caleb Ralph's record includes 103 consecutive Crusade games played between 1999 and 2006. Before the start of this season, the current leaders in the cap are George Smith (121), Nathan Sharp (120) and Sterling Mottlock (118).

Can you provide detailed information on how different barbarians started XV in the 1990/91 Centennial season? Tim Skepper, England

The Barbarians participated in 9 games during the centennial birthday in 1990-91. In addition to their traditional domestic devices at the time (for Cardiff, Swansea and Newport in Wales and East Midlands and Leicester in England), there was also a special game for England XV, Wales (through Top covers are awarded to players while paying tribute to fixtures), Argentina and Bradford & Bingley (the club was established in Bradford in April 1890).

That season, the club was also a guest of the Lisbon International Rugby Sevens. The details of the results and the list of players for this season are as follows. (You can rearrange the starting lineup from the register).