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News: New ways for WP Rugby and ADIDAS

Article Date(s):08/07/2020

The partnership established between the Western Province Rugby Association and apparel sponsor Adidas will begin to develop in a new direction at the end of this year.

The connection between WP Rugby rugby jerseys nz and Adidas dates back more than 30 years, and the current agreement between the two parties will be terminated on October 31.

WP Rugby

adidas will continue to be the footwear partner of Western Province Rugby, and WP Rugby will now take over the apparel, merchandise and retail plans, which is in line with its transformation strategy.

Paul Zacks, CEO of Western Province Rugby Group, has extensive experience in apparel manufacturing, distribution, licensing and retail, which provides unions with opportunities for innovation and opens the way for maximizing their business opportunities and revenue sources.

"Adidas has always been an important partner for Rugby buy all black rugby jersey in the Western Province, and they are still our preferred footwear partner. However, as we explore new opportunities in our clothing line based on our turnover strategy, we are also very excited about the future possibilities. .

He said: "As a result of these innovative changes, DHL Newlands loyal members will show their unparalleled enthusiasm for our team in many new ways."

Roddy van Breda, Managing Director of adidas SA said: "The relationship between Adidas and the western provinces can be traced back to the day before rugby became a professional sport. This is an amazing and unforgettable collaboration. Now is the time for us to adjust our direction. Now, we look forward to helping the various representative teams of the union win more trophies in the future."

Mr. Thelo Wakefield, President of the Western Province Rugby Federation, believes that these changes mark an exciting new chapter in Western Province Rugby.

He said: "This is an exciting time for WP Rugby because we want to build our own future while continuing to maintain a proud connection with Adidas."